Confessions of a Nanny: What We Really Want for the Holidays

As a nanny we become part of the family, we help with your kids, your home and we’d like to think we’re the glue helping to hold your life together. (And that we’re pretty indispensable.) I’ve come to understand that finding the perfect gift for your nanny is no easy task. Of course, most of us really appreciate an end of year bonus. But, if you are looking to do something different, here are some ideas!

A Day to Pamper! Whether it be a manicure, a massage, or a blow out. There are ample amounts of salons to choose from around the mile square. And it is something we don't always splurge on for ourselves. There are also some amazing deals on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up at Blo-It-Out Lounge, Ferrazz Hair, The V-Spot, Body Balance, and Hoboken Wellness Spa all have deals on the above services!

Fitness gear / Workout clothes! We’re always running around after your little ones, help make our steps count with a fitness watch or some cute and comfy outfits. Check out Townhouse Shops for some great options and get "hooked up" with your LH Hook-Up Card!

Tech gear! Touch screen gloves, so that we can send you adorable photos of your kids in the snow without our fingers catching frostbite. Alba Boutique just got some adorable pairs in along with gloves and hats and you get a great deal with your Hook-Up!

A cute mug!(who doesn’t love a cute mug?!) Maybe some luxury coffee to help give us the extra energy to run after your little monkeys, and some calming tea to wind down after a busy day. (The Little Hoboken Coffee Mug is really cute!) Grab a bag of coffee or gift cards and snag a deal with your hook-up at Black Rail, Jefferson's Coffee, City of Saints, or The Roost!

A Night Out! Whether it is a night out with you and your family or a gift certificate, we would love a dinner or night out at a place we wouldn't normally splurge on.

Wine! (Because it's not just for moms!) 20% off every bottle every day at Cork with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up Card. (grab yourself some too, while you are at it!)

Whatever you do, include a card or a sweet note from your little ones. Tell your nanny much you appreciate everything she does, and what she means to you and your children.

As the saying goes it’s the thought that counts and whatever you end up buying us will be greatly appreciated!!

Still Need More Ideas? Visit the Ultimate Gift Guide from our Gifting Goddess


Katie is a full time live in nanny who helps to raise 3 crazy children, she relocated to Hoboken from London last summer with the family she works for. She has been a nanny for over 6 years, her first nanny role being in Italy.