Till Death Do Us Part...Or NOT

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Mommies love to ask LOTS of questions on our local mom boards. Advice on baby gear, kids products, parenting questions and so much more. But one thing that never gets asked... advice on a divorce lawyer.

Its a touchy subject, and one that most don't want to talk about. No, neither of us are announcing our divorce, BUT we are announcing that we found a really cool chick you could call if you find yourself swimming in those waters.

Ashley Vallillo Manzi, Esq., is a local Hoboken mom & a family law attorney. She just recently joined a firm out of Morristown NJ, and is opening their new office in Hackensack.

Ashley & her practice, Ruvolo Law Group focuses on all things family related: prenuptial agreements, divorces- including alimony, child custody, child support, and distribution of assets and liabilities, as well as post-judgment matters and non-dissolution matters. The firm is owned and operated by two moms, so the compassion and understanding that you will get from your attorney is different. They get it.

More importantly, their spin on the antiquated law firm business model is refreshing. The firm supports the idea of the working mother. So, Ashley & her team are able to work remotely from nearly anywhere. This allows the luxury of meeting clients at times other than typical business hours and sometimes over coffee rather than in the office. Ruvolo Law Group is all about flexibility, which is beneficial not only for Ashley as your attorney, but for her clients as well.

"My job is to handle people’s most sensitive issues during the most stressful times of their lives. A colleague once told me that I am selling a service no one wants, but so many people need. No one ever wants to come to my office. (though now that I’m less than one mile from Riverside Square, maybe people won’t mind it so much?) There is a fine line between handling these issues with care and zealously advocating for the benefit of my client. I do my best to strike a balance, but I will not fluff my advice. My clients know that while they may not like what they hear from me, it is the truth. I believe in most cases, the benefit of resolving these issues in an amicable fashion far outweighs the emotional and financial cost of over-litigating. The only way to reach that resolution is to set realistic expectations from the beginning.

I appreciate what I do from the standpoint of a woman, a wife, and a mom, and I apply my experience in all of those roles to bring a personal view to each case. I can’t say that what I do on a day-to-day basis is easy, but there is great value in knowing I am helping someone arrive at a new beginning." -Ashley Vallillo Manzi, Esq

Like we said, this isn't exactly something you'd ask about online. So after talking to Ashley and hearing her philosophy and attitude towards such a touchy subject, we knew it was an important message to share.

Ashley is offering Little Hoboken readers 50% off a one-hour consultation. Just mention LH when scheduling your appointment. (Regularly Priced $300)


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