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If you are a baby-wearing momma, you know that the winter months are a baby-wearing mother's nightmare. We end up either using thick blankets that fall all over the place, dressing our baby like an overstuffed turkey, or worse...wearing our coat backwards to cover the baby and freezing our butts off.

Sarah Clark, mom & creator of B&Me NYC, created a line just for us baby-wearing mommies. As a new mom herself, she, too, tried to find a way to keep herself & her baby warm. By the time she had her third child, Sarah was tired of bundling up her baby while walking the older kids to school every day. She created the Booker Coat & Vest to solve her problem. Both the Booker coat and the Booker vest have size zippers to extend the garments, allowing them to be worn on their own, while pregnant and while carrying the baby underneath in a carrier. And with zippered openings for arms & legs, both can be worn with the baby facing in or out, allowing the baby to be comfortable and keep the baby warm!

(Fun Fact: Sarah was featured on the Meredith Viera Show!)

Of course, each piece can be worn all on its own, BUT we wanted to showcase how a baby-wearing mom can be functional AND stylish. So we enlisted the help from Jeanna Palumbo, owner, buyer, and stylist of Alba Boutique to help us style one local baby-wearing mom!

Pictured Above:

Hem & Thread Fur Open Jacket $168

Vintage Havana Dest Sweatpant $78

Pictured Below:

LNA Cardi- $168

Pictured Above:

Hem &Thread Plaid Fur Coat $168

Veronica M Midi Cold Dress $168

Pictured Below:

Greylin Zip Up Jacket $278

"The vest was very cozy! It was easy to take on and off, even when the baby was acting wiggly. I am always trying to figure out ways to keep the baby bundled up as the temperatures drop and this is a great option for making sure she stays warm. I especially love the length. Carrying your baby in a carrier is so special and a wonderful way to stay close. I love that this vest enables moms to do so comfortably in the cold winter months! It really suits busy urban moms who are always on the go." -Vera Sirota

B&Me NYC is excited to bring this versatile (and much needed!) brand to Hoboken, so we have a giveaway! We have a $75 Gift Certificate to giveaway to ONE lucky Little Hoboken follower.

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Vera Sirota is a mother of two beautiful girls. She and her husband have been living in Hoboken since 2003, and she adores her adopted town with all of her heart. Vera is a proud former NYC public school teacher and worked most recently as a teaching artist to integrate literacy through the arts in early childhood classrooms. She is passionate about the Hoboken Public School system and is grateful for the education her daughter is receiving. Vera volunteers with an organization called the Hoboken Early Childhood Advisory Council (HECAC).

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