LH Spotlight: Eat Metal, INC

A night out with a friend, creating something beautiful that will not clutter our house? Yes please! Sign me up! This was exactly how I felt when I saw Little Hoboken was looking for someone to write a review for a DIY jewelry workshop.

If you've ever been to the Monroe Center you know that each space is wonderfully unique. EatMetal, Inc is no exception. The lighting was just right, there was soft music playing and the view of the city from the large window was perfect! When you walk in you are captivated by the beautiful hand crafted jewelry displayed in glass cases to your right. Each piece is hand crafted by the owner and creator of EatMetal, Elizabeth Toloky. You can see right away that this woman has incredible talent! This place was an oasis to my otherwise busy evening of getting kids ready for bed!

As we talked with Elizabeth we shared some of who we are and what we would be doing during her class. She answered any questions we had...and we had many. We found out that she has her degree in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Metalsmithing. Her knowledge and level of expertise is incredible. As we saw the equipment in the studio, it was clear that great detail and time went into this DIY experience. We were really going to learn something new and we sure did!

This particular class was called a Textured Ring class. I’ve taken jewelry classes before and this was completely different than anything I had done in the past. Working with metal was a whole new experience. Elizabeth does an excellent job of walking you through the process step-by-step. She allows you to bring your own creativity to the table, which was a struggle for me. I would have to say I am more of a copycat artist. Show it to me on Pinterest and I am happy to recreate it. After I got my creative juices flowing (with a quick Pinterest search of course!), I got to work using a couple of the techniques that Elizabeth had demonstrated. She was there to guide us every step of the way.

Once the blow torch came out, I was a bit intimated (umm...hello?! FIRE!) I opted to do part of it on my own and Elizabeth was there to help me finish it up. After heating, soaking, stamping, shaping, and tumbling our pieces were true works of art. The end result is really amazing!

I was so impressed with all Elizabeth & Eat Metal, Inc. has to offer and the time she takes to instruct each person. If you are looking for a great place to relax with friends, unwind from a long week and go home with a beautiful piece of jewelry, this is the place for you! (If you want to take it a step further, there is a 9-week class series, or private lessons!)

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Becky Haney is a DIY-loving mom of two girls. Her husband's new job as the senior pastor of the Hoboken EFree Church brought this Jersey girl home after a few years out of state. The Haneys are loving their new-found city life in Hoboken and are excited to explore all that our mile square has to offer!


The class described was attended free of charge so that we could write this article. Are you a local mom who would like to help Little Hoboken explore local businesses?! Follow our Facebook page @LittleHoboken for upcoming opportunities!