Eliza's First Dentist Appointment

Well...that was easy.

Literally...I did NOT expect it to go so well! Eliza's first dentist appointment had been something that I knew I needed to do, but wasn't so quick to schedule for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I had no idea when a child was really supposed to go for their first dentist appointment, and quite honestly, I was pretty much dreading having to hold my child down while she screamed her head off. I envisioned a tantrum and an anxiety attack.

None of that happened. Dr. Kapoor couldn't be nicer, more patient, or more kid friendly. Eliza's first dentist appointment was not only a great one, but we both actually enjoyed it!

Dr. Radhika Kapoor is known to many in town from her previous office, however she just opened her very own practice catering specifically to pediatrics. Everything in her office from the tables & chairs, to the equipment and even the toys, is brand spanking new. It is light, bright, and inviting. There is stuff for the kids everywhere you look. And, even more importantly, a kid acting like a kid is welcomed and expected.

Dr. Kapoor started the session out by playing with Eliza. Yup, that was the very first thing she did! She sat right down with her and played a game, read her a book and let her get comfortable. They brushed the teeth of Eliza's favorite stuffed doggy who came along for appointment (of course!) and Eliza even got to touch and see the equipment around the room. By the time the focus shifted to an actual exam, Eliza was all smiles and giggles for the dentist.

As for the exam, Dr. Kapoor did a quick yet thorough check up, brushing, and then we spent some time going over my questions and discussing Eliza's overall health and dental hygiene. I learned a lot from my conversation with her (Did you know that a board certified pediatric dentist goes through TWO additional years of training?!) and learned a lot about her.

Dr. Kapoor is passionate about working with children, and passionate about bringing her specialized practice to Hoboken.

"The goal of opening my own practice was to be able to provide an arena for exquisite care for children from infancy to adolescence. From the design , the technology, materials, and the amenities, I wanted to leave no stone unturned; every aspect was geared towards the health and happiness of children and their families." -Dr. Radhika Kapoor

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