LH Spotlight: Curated Care

Have you been to one of our recent playdates or events? If you have, you may have seen our newest friends in blue t-shirts, Curated Care. They have been behind the puppet shows, ukulele sing-a-longs and the spooky crafts at our Halloween party. Curated Care's kids experts have been showing off their skills all over town with Little Hoboken, and it is time we tell you a little more about this talented crew.

Curated Care is an online service that connects families with artists and teachers for activity-based child care. Their child care experts each have a specialty- music, language, science, dance, puppet shows, cooking...whatever you can think of! And when you need them, just search based on activity, and Curated Care will directly connect you with talented and fully vetted professionals who incorporate enriching activities into babysitting sessions. In your home and on your schedule.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

We've seen them in the park and at our events, but wanted to know more. We set up a local mom with Curated Care to give them a try!

"We had a great experience trying out Curated Care! There were so many different "Kid Experts" on their website that it was hard to choose just one! We ended up scheduling a time with Krissy, which was easy using the online scheduler. Once Krissy confirmed her availability, I got both an email message and text to confirm. While Curated Care is new to Hoboken, Krissy took the initiative to map out her route from the city to Hoboken and arrived early. When she got to our home, she unpacked the craft supplies from her bag and my two girls (ages 18 months and 4 years) were HOOKED! They had a great afternoon of making flower bouquets, drawing pictures, and then making long dance ribbons to have a dance party with! Any hesitation my girls had in meeting Krissy was instantly gone when they realized all the fun things she had brought with her, and her warm and engaging personality kept them at ease. At the end of the afternoon, it was great to be able to go straight home and not worry about stopping at an ATM since my credit card information was already stored online and was automatically set up for payment.

The whole process couldn't have been easier!" - Emily Ball, Hoboken mom of 2 girls

Ready for some activity-based childcare in your home? Curated Care is a vendor on the Little Hoboken HookUp Card, so you can try them out AND get a discount! Save $25 off your membership fee AND $25 off your first session. Still need a HookUp Card?! Get one HERE


Curated Care gifted the experience described so that we may write this article.

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xo Cassie & Melissa