Two Year Birthday Blues

So many parents find their child’s first birthday to be rough. I did not. I couldn’t believe he was already one! We all know how time flies by with a child. The days seem endless, but the weeks and months whiz past! My husband and I looked at year one as an accomplishment. We had made it! We did it! He was still alive and he was thriving. He was smart, healthy, and happy and already giving us a run for our money, but we made it. It was a giant high five for us!

The next year was crazy! My child went from walking at 11 months to running in no time at all. He was talking incessantly and became a hilarious little person. I repeatedly found myself saying, “You’re so cute and funny! Please stay this age forever!” As we began getting closer and closer to 2, I found myself saying that half of the time and the other half saying, “That’s it! I’m leaving you at Target!” He was showing me what testing boundaries meant. He was making me rethink my life and wondering if nearly 39 was too old to parent a toddler. But, he was also becoming a little boy. I always wanted a boy. I know you aren't supposed to have a preference or say it out loud, but I did. I wanted to be a boy mom. I knew I was meant to be a boy mom and I was SO right! But, gone was my baby. He could talk to me in full sentences, tell me what he wants, follow directions to get what he wants himself, plays independently, and is a massive adventurer. He even looks like a little boy. He was always tall…his father is 6’6”, so we weren’t surprised there…but, now his face, his hair, his clothes, his demeanor…all a little boy, not a baby! I am having an emotionally charged reaction to age 2 as it approaches this week. Perhaps it’s the transition from baby to child or perhaps it’s the “last baby” sadness you hear people speak of, but whatever it is, I want to just freeze time for a little longer. As I’m writing this, he just crawled up onto my lap and said, “Kiss, Mommy” while he planted a big wet baby kiss on me, so I guess he’s not going anywhere too fast after all…