LH Spotlight: Kinderkind Kids

The Monroe Center has all kinds of secrets and surprises. Walking the halls, you might never know what is behind each door. Kinderkind is one of those pleasant surprises...and one that will bring great things to the kids of Hoboken!

Kinderkind is a unique kids fashion designer, working to create affordable, stylish and quality pieces for your kids. Many of their pieces come in sets of 3, so that you can mix, match and layer.

Urna, the owner and designer honors her family's roots in Bangladesh, by having all of the garments made in reputable and safe factories. By providing good jobs in harsh areas, and working directly with the factory herself, Kinderkind is able to produce high quality products at affordable prices. Kinderkind is a dream-come-true for Urna in so many ways, and her passion for spreading kindness and love is evident even in the name.

Kinderkind is set to launch in January 2017, but we have a sneak peak and a special giveaway! Kinderkind is giving away one girls set AND one boys set! To enter:

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