"Motherhood is a shared experience."

When I sat down with Mara, the founder of Cloak Collection, she said this phrase several times. A few times in our conversation we would divert off topic and somehow she always brought us back to center with this one simple phrase. So it seemed fitting to also start this blog post with I'll say it again... Motherhood is a shared experience.

It is so true. Motherhood brings us closer to the women in our lives; the ones we have known forever and the ones we meet through our children. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful and empowering, yet scary and isolating experience. It is one that can have the highest highs and the lowest lows. It is truly something that no one can possibly comprehend unless they have been through it. But once they have...they are part of the club.

Mara created the CLOAK COLLECTION for just that purpose... to help women share the motherhood experience. A new mom herself, Mara found herself feeling confined to her child's breastfeeding schedule. She couldn't find clothing that was easy to nurse in, yet made her feel stylish and comfortable enough to go out. And what a momma can't find...a momma creates!

CLOAK COLLECTION is a collection of stylish and comfortable dresses designed nursing & pumping mothers. Each dress features a functionality that allows discrete, quick, easy and comfortable nursing. Each piece is made with bamboo, which means it is soft, ecologically sustainable and naturally antibacterial.

We put CLOAK COLLECTION dresses on three local moms with different shapes, sizes and nursing needs. Each mom worked the dress into their own style to show off how it worked for them.



first time mom & works full-time as a teacher

"The struggle is real and always has been. Since the beginning of 7th grade when these large and in charge things on my chest began to grow to now after having baby, it doesn’t seem like they will ever stop growing. Nursing is an amazing experience and I’m proud to use these honkers for their purpose. But finding cute, affordable, nursing clothes that actually flatters my new mom body is so challenging. I tested out the CLOAK “scoop” dress. It’s perfect for nursing! The darts in the front are actually zippers that zip up and give access to a hole in the center. The space is just large enough to get out your breast and small enough to give you some privacy without having to grab a cover. The dress is super comfortable and something you can dress up or dress down. As a teacher, it’s something I can wear to work yet also something I can wear on a dinner date with my hubby."



Mom of two, stay-at-home mom

"As a SAHM of 2 girls, I need nursing clothes that work for my lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes running around at the park with my 2 yr old, crawling on the floor with my 7 month old, and running errands around town. I want to feel comfortable, yet stylish. Plus, I need to be able to nurse easily when needed. I have been wearing lots of nursing tanks under my clothes, but wearing several layers isn't always easy! The CLOAK dress I tried out is 'the lightweight' hoodie. It is cute, comfy, and something I'd definitely wear with leggings or jeans. The fabric is super soft, and the nursing panel pulls back for easy access without exposing my entire chest, which I love. I liked that I could access my bra with one hand as well."



Mom of two, stay-at-home mom

"Nursing clothing has always screamed function over fashion, and when I had my first born in 2012, it was all about how to dress to be able to feed him no matter where we were. We both hated nursing covers so I figured out ways to layer my clothing and be discreet as I could when nursing. When I had my daughter in late 2015 it was the same story...and the same clothes. When Cassie showed me "The Audrey' dress and I tried it on, my husband said 'that's a nursing dress?!, it's so pretty on you!' And I loved it too. I plan on wearing it after the nursing relationship with my daughter is finished, it's THAT cute! This dress is super functional and easy to nurse her in. I am looking forward to wearing it in all seasons too!"



Cloak Collection gifted the dresses described so that we may write this article.

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xo Cassie & Melissa