Halloween DIY Idea From Urban Jungle Play

If you’re like me, you have big intentions to be festive when holidays come around. Especially when your child is old enough to participate!

I start usually by scouring the internet or Pinterest and then get overwhelmed with 57 craft ideas I COULD do with my toddler and then end up handing him a piece of paper, crayons and stickers. Now, the aforementioned items WILL keep him busy for a pretty long time, but there are definitely cuter ideas. Things you can display, share on social media, save in a memory box, or give as a gift to a grandparent or nanny. That said, it seemed only obvious that I should just ask an expert for some help.

Cathie and her team at Urban Jungle Play do crafts and themed art projects with their students almost daily. We still have a rainstick my son made in a class there months ago! They put together an adorable, easy, inexpensive and most importantly, stress-free option for us to share with all of you.

What You Need:

  • Paper plates

  • Paint colors of your choice

  • Black paint

  • Paint brush(es)

  • Stick-on googly eyes or white paint

  • Hole puncher

  • White twine or yarn (you’ll want about 36 inches or so for each plate)

What You Do:

Step 1

  1. Punch 16 holes around the inside edge of the plate.

  2. Let the child completely cover their paper plate in paint (just make sure it doesn’t go on too thick). Let dry OR use markers/crayons on plate.

  3. Paint the palm of the child’s hand & 4 fingers (don’t paint the thumb) with black paint. Press down on the dry painted plate, being careful to not move the fingers too much. Then, repeat process with the other hand. When pressing the 2nd hand down, overlap on the other palm print to form the spider’s body.

  4. Attach googly eyes or paint on the eyes with white & black paint.

Let dry- Step 2 Ages 2+

  1. Secure the twine with a large knot on the backside of the plate (you may want to add a little tape to help make sure it doesn’t come through the hole). Then let the child create a web with the twine using the plate as a lacing card. (Little ones may need some help with this).

  2. Have fun lacing your spider’s web!


  1. Try lacing in a complete circle through all the holes.

  2. You can try lacing zigzag, back-and-forth, from edge to edge.

  3. Try covering the spider with as much web as you can, can you cover him up?

  4. Make your own pattern, everyone’s spider web can be different!

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