Want Discounts for Less Money???

We aren't sure if there is anyone left that DOES NOT have a 2016 LIttle Hoboken Hook-Up card. However, if you or someone you know doesn't, they are now lowered to only $10!! You can make that back with one purchase at most of our 75 vendors' locations!

But wait....if you want to pre-order your 2017 Hook-Up card (normally $25), you can do so now in a LIMITED TIME BUNDLE price of only $30...that's 2016 for $5!!!!

Aside from the amazing deals you've experienced this year, we have participants returning with BETTER deals for 2017 and added some amazing new vendors in Hoboken and Jersey City (spoiler discounts and luxury jewelry discounts!!)

Hurry and order your cards today....especially if you still pay full-price for your wine! (we don't!)