School Is In Session...Now What?

The beginning of the school year brings excitement for many students, but also anxiety and fear for others. The first few weeks of school have settled, the forecast for the success of the year is about to set in. It's not too late if the start to the year has been less than perfect. Whether your child is feeling too challenged or not challenged enough, there are many ways to help.

Here are a few tips you can do to enhance and promote your

child's success to make this year their best!

Previewing of Material:

Research shows that pre-loading of information increases student engagement and success. In a simple email to your child's teacher, ask if they would be able to provide weekly vocabulary to you in advance for you to practice with your child. I have collaborated with parents in this way repeatedly and the success in a child's participation and confidence is huge, when they have this undercover resource to help them shine! Additionally, the teacher can provide enrichment vocabulary to help advance a quick learning child.

Positive Paper Comments:

Like wise, research shows that praise on a child's completed work will help them build success and pride. Find an especially strong piece of your child's recent school work and show them that you added a smily face, sticker or any of your child's favorite emojis! Then hang up on a bulletin board, refrigerator. Review their progress with occasionally and show them how far they've come in their work! The ripple effect is astounding! For children that easily breeze through school this will help keep them motivated and not succumb to lower expectations.

Get Hooked on a Book Series:

The power of completing book after book is instrumental in building fluent readers and strong vocabulary. A few of my favorite series for typical 2nd grade reading level includes: The Littles, Judy Moody, and Cam Jansen. Your child's teacher should be able to recommend series to your child and make sure they come home with a series that is just right for them.

It takes a village to raise a child and often many different strategies and resources!

Meghan Bird is the founder of Soar Academics, a local education practice providing individualized academic support in tutoring, enrichment, test prep, education classes, and more throughout Hoboken. Meghan is a 10 year veteran teacher in the public, private, and celebrity homeschool networks of NYC. When Meghan isn’t busy working with students, she can be found running with her husband on the Pier or dining at her favorite Hoboken spot, Otto Strada.

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