Tiffany Piñero Helps Mamas Get Their Groove Back!

If you don't know who Tiffany Piñero is, you should.

She's a hilarious, adorable, and super sweet stylist with a fierce sense of fashion and desire to help people feel and look their best! She has an amazing resume including styling photo shoots, videos, commercials, and all of our local's finest! She also is the author of, Werk Your Wardrobe!

We teamed up with Tiffany to give four local mamas a mini closet rejuvenation and styling session to show they how to be their best (and gorgeous!) selves!

Many of us suffer from what Tiffany has coined "Mommy Purgatory". It's that weird transition period you are in after you have the baby. You aren't back to "normal". Your body has changed. You are too small for maternity clothes, but too big for your old clothes. You don't want to spend a fortune on new clothes, so you buy cheap stuff to accommodate the current body and you feel bad about how you look instead of celebrating the amazing thing that your body just did for you! lose the baby weight and things fit, but your lifestyle no longer works with the wardrobe you you think. Enter Tiffany!

Tiffany asked each mom a series of questions upon meeting them such as items they feel great in, their lifestyle, their style goals, and style idols (Victoria Beckham. Yes, please!).

Then, she went into their closets with them and the fun began. Each mom had a different style and different needs.



First up was Hannah. She is a working mom with a young baby who was sure Tiffany couldn't find anything in her closet. Her style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker, but she had issues with fit and limited options post-baby (pretty sure we can all relate to that!) Tiffany quickly showed her some great options from pieces she already had in the closet that would help her to celebrate her current body!



Next, we met Leah. She works full-time out of the home and then comes home to parent twins! She cited Jessica Alba (less boho) as a style goal and one of her main vices was too many items in the closet, but not sure what to do with the pieces from her shopping sprees! Again, Tiffany was here to help!



Later, we met Nitila. A California transplant trying to figure out how to be fashionable in colder weather. She's a mom of two and is trying to return to the corporate world. She has a great sense of style, a lot of fabulous items in the closet and a great sense of adventure when it comes to fashion. Tiffany showed her ways to wear her clothes that were outside of her comfort zone, but all things she was open to and in love with!