A Loss Among Us

In the wake of the accident last week, so many of us have been left wondering how we can help the community, the wounded, and the family of Fabiola Bittar de Kroon. We are deeply saddened, but feel blessed to live in a community that takes care of their own so selflessly.

Many events will be coming up in the near future to help raise funds for the restoration project at the Lackawanna Train Station, but for now, you can help in other ways!

In times of any accident, blood is always needed. After the fact, replenishment is key. To join the blood drive happening tomorrow in Jersey City, learn more here.

If you are looking to help Fabiola's family out, the best way to do so is from a GoFundMe page started by a local mama.

Smart Start Academy started a scholarship fund for Fabiola's daughter that you can also contribute to.

Finally, to pay tribute to Fabiola and her family, there is a candlelight vigil tonight at Columbus Park.