Every single morning, I get up early, inhale a cup of coffee, and go to the gym. I get one hour to myself in that class (and my walk there and back) and then come home to sheer chaos!

Literally, Chaos. My dog's name is Chaos.

My son runs to greet me with excitement and a hug while my husband races around to finish getting himself ready to get out of the house and my day begins.

I'm sweaty and usually sore, but now, I'm a mom, so the shower has to wait until 11:30 or 12:00.

Jealous yet?

Usually, we are pretty uneventful with playing, horribly annoying cartoons, breakfast, and pepper in a few incidents like assaulting Chaos with a toy golf club and then saying "Sorry, Daddy!" (who is not here, by the way), tantruming because Chaos won't wear a hat (that's a true story) or screaming the word "Smash!" like the Hulk (which he's NEVER seen!) while he trashes his toy kitchen with a baseball bat like Tommy Lee in the late 80's/early 90's!

Keep in mind during this time I am supposed to be working, cleaning, laundry...something. I would like to emphasize the words "supposed to be".

So many days I am sure I am failing at being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, a business partner, even a pet owner! I owe about 20 people calls back, texts back, have two gifts that should have been mailed months ago, I owe my kid a playdate or even just attention to my overflowing DVR.

I love this career I've created. I love my son. I love my husband, but I'm a MESS!

As I sat here writing this and feeling good about the course of the day. I worked out, grocery shopped, planned dinner, and even cleaned up the apartment (for real with supplies and everything, not just straightened up toys!). I finished packing up all of the details for the upcoming baby shower I planned and designed for this week's client and I looked over to see my not quite two year old sitting at the dining room table using his peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a sponge and smearing it all over himself and the table and singing our "Wash, Wash, Wash" song from the bathtub!

The good news is, he is learning a song and using it semi-appropriately, he's showing me he has an excellent imagination, AND handed part of the sandwich gently to the dog while saying, "Nice, Chaos!".

So, really, it's a win, right?