Get Off the Hot Mess Express!

If you're like me, you became a mom and took a major break from your regular pampering. I wish I could say I still get my regular manicures and pedicures (how badly I miss office lunch breaks!), always have eyebrows "on point", waxing, cuts, color, etc like when I was a carefree childless woman, but sadly, I'm now a mess that gets blowouts only for special occasions!

My hair grows like a weed and looks like it most of the time (a weed, I mean). I don't have time to blow out waist-length naturally frizz-curly hair, so I don't. Mom buns, pony tails, and side braids are my go to with massive post-baby breakage and shedding like we have a pet gorilla! I also have to do my roots roughly every 5-6 weeks for the last 14 years due to grays.

I finally said, "That's enough!" and took control of the situation. Enter Blanch of Salon Rouge.

She and I chatted about my disaster of a head of hair which she let me know was actually great hair if I applied myself. (Sounds like high school!) We decided to go with a Mommy Overhaul that also wasn't a "mom cut" and took off A LOT, added some layers and some ombre and balayage color for fun and a great update. Not only have I received a ton of compliments, I feel great and have blown out my hair every day since!

They were super kid-friendly and when I lost my sitter that day, were happy to have my son there and fawned over him too.

Bonus.....they have organic color that is safe for anyone nervous about coloring during pregnancy or nursing!

During our glamour session, Blanch and I came up with an AMAZING idea to share with all of you looking to get "Back to You" and fix the summer damage.

These appointments are limited and won't last long, so call to reserve yours today! Score color, a blow out, a manicure and a Little Hoboken Hook-Up for ONLY $120!!!! (oh, did we mention they have wine?) Normally, you get 15% off with your Little Hoboken Hook-up there, so this is a STEAL!

Then, make plans to show off your fabulous self that night!

Salon Rouge gifted the experience described so that we may write this article. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog.

xo Cassie & Melissa