Expert Advice: Am I Ready to Hire a Sleep Consultant?

Photo Credit: The sleepy Mama

So, you’ve decided to hire a sleep consult, but...

Are you really READY to hire a sleep consultant?

Many parents think they are ready to tackle their child’s sleep issues, but when they hire a consultant and start the process, it turns out they weren’t so ready after all. Here are a few ways to confirm you are ready to hire a sleep consultant.

You can be 100% consistent. This is usually the biggest area of issue with clients. Things are going to get tough, and it is easy to fall back into old habits. To have success with a sleep consultant, you have to commit & be consistent.

You can listen to your child cry. While there are plenty of non-CIO (cry-it-out) techniques in sleep training, many children do protest during the process. Some children don’t make a peep but others do let their wishes be known with tears. Since a baby has no other way to communicate that they are angry or tired, there will be tears in some scenarios. Families who are not comfortable at all with any tears may find great success with just schedule and environmental changes, but these may not yield the same results.

You can dedicate at least two weeks to napping and sleeping your child at home. It can be confusing for children to have different sleep environments while making changes to their sleep habits. So I always recommend dedicating two straight weeks to sleep work in the proper environment and after that you can adapt and re-introduce naps on the go.

You are committed to logging your child’s sleep and eating habits each day. Most sleep consultants will require you to log sleep times, eating times, and report back every day or so. It may seem like a lot of of work, but this is how the sleep consultant will be most successful for you.

Your child is not ill or teething. If you have a sick kid, the last thing you want to do is hire a sleep consultant only to have them tell you there’s nothing they can do. Instead, reach out when your child’s only issue is their lack of sleep!


Nicole Cannon, The Sleepy Mama, is a certified sleep consultant through the International Maternity Institute. Although she had previously done sleep work with families she nannied for, it wasn't until Nicole had her first child in 2013 that she was able to experience how difficult sleep deprivation can be on both children and parents. Now a mom of two, Nicole uses a variety of sleep techniques and methods with families to help everyone get more rest.

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