Hoboken Soap Works

You know how much Little Hoboken loves local businesses....does it get any more "local" than a chemist making homemade soap in his Hoboken apartment?!

That's just what Jeff Turner, owner and creator of Hoboken Soapworks does! Jeff, his new bride Sara, and long-time friend Sean have been mixing up their homemade soap since 2014. Looking to create a brand that would center around their local community, Jeff starting accumulating stainless steel pots and brewing gadgets, creating a functioning soap factory in his kitchen.

Hoboken Soapworks is formulated for over 15 different uses, and as they say,

"Cleans Everything but Your Conscience". Made from essential oils and all natural ingredients, it is a soap that you can trust to use on your family and kids.

Naturally, Little Hoboken had to get our hands on some soap for our followers! We have three sets of all three scents to giveaway!


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Hoboken Soapworks gifted the soaps described so that we may write this article. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog.

xo Cassie & Melissa