Panda Plates Takes One More Task Off Your Plate

We all want our kids to eat well. No one hopes to have a picky eater or a kid who lives off of junk food! But, sometimes it's hard to get creative with those hidden nutrients. Sometimes it's just hard for us to have the time in our busy days to make those nutritious meals we all know we want to feed our kids even if we are eating cheese, crackers and a glass of Pinot Noir for dinner!

Panda Plates to the rescue!

Joanna Parker is a mom and the creator of this delivery service. You select the amount of meals you want in a week and note the ages of your kids. A nutritionist and pediatrician are consulted for portion size and to create well-balanced meals. The meals are packaged and insulated so that they stay fresh and cold until 10:00 PM on your delivery date and are delivered to your home via messenger. They come individually packaged with re-heating instructions.

This couldn't be easier!

Our kids loved their corn and blueberry muffins, quinoa pizza cups with zucchini chips and hummus, chicken lollipops with broccoli, applesauce, and sweet potato fries, and the protein mac and cheese with sweet potato chips and hummus. We tried it all too and agreed...Panda Plates are great!

If you want to get on board and try this service (and make your life easier), you get 30% off your first FOUR weeks with the Little Hoboken Hook-Up! Get yours today to take advantage of this amazing deal!

Panda Plates gifted the meals described so that we may write this article. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog.

xo Cassie & Melissa