Little Babe Designs

When an NYC mom can't find what she is looking for,

she creates it herself!

That's just what Shira Hopfer, creator and designer of Little Babe Designs, did when she wanted to dress her daughter in trendy and minimal designed clothing. With over 10 years in the fashion industry, Shira combined her mom skills with her designer skills and created a line of sleek modern clothing that can be dressed up or down. The line has a unisex and monochromatic appeal. Perfect for any little babe!

With an impressive website, and an Instagram account that gives you the feels, we were thrilled to work with Shira and get her cool clothes on our kids. After a fun day in the park, we can attest that Little Babe Designs is one of our new favorite brands.

Little Babe Designs is offering one lucky follower a FREE t-shirt for your little babe. Head to Instagram (@LittleHoboken) to see rules and how to enter.

Little Babe Designs gifted the t-shirts shown so that we may write this article. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog. xo Cassie & Melissa