My Move To Suburbia...And Back!

As a young couple ready to purchase our first new home, my husband (then fiancé) and I decided it was time to leave the city and head for the 'burbs. We were ready to leave behind our social life, subway commute, and the small closets. We wanted to move into our "forever home" that would host family gatherings and welcome our children. We were ready for storage space and a place to park our car and green grass for our sweet dog to run around in.

My husband and I researched many towns before purchasing our home. We researched school ratings, taxes, and commuting options. We bought into the town as much as we did our home. We were planning our future, and buying our first home in suburbia was our first step in starting our family. We envisioned our children playing in our backyard and driving them around in our SUV. We were ready for life in suburbia.

Well...we've changed our minds.

Life has a funny way of throwing a wrench in your plans. After three years in our home, we decided to take a leap of faith and follow a job opportunity out to Indianapolis. in Indiana. While it was an amazing time and we made some life-long friends (and met an incredible fertility doctor who helped us to conceive Eliza), after just 7 months we were presented with an even better job opportunity that would bring us back "home".

Of course we were thrilled to head back and raise our baby around our family and close friends. We just weren't so sure where "home" was anymore. Should we move back to our suburban town? It didn't feel right. Should we move back into NYC? We now had too much furniture. We decided to meet in the middle, and to find a place outside the city, with a lot to do, and an easy commute.

Almost two years after returning to NJ, I can honestly say that my heart feels "at home". I am not only back with my family and best friends, but I have found such a strong mommy community. I love the ease of putting my daughter in the stroller and setting out around town for the day. I love seeing so many people every single day, simply because I went for a walk or even just checked the mailbox. I love watching my daughter play in the park with the NYC skyline behind her. I love the middle-ground of not being in NYC but still living the "city life". I love not having to worry about watering the grass or dragging huge garbage pails down a long driveway. I love the rainy day play dates my daughter has with our neighbors in the hallways. I love that my husband's short commute to and from work means we get to see him more often.

I love it here.

My husband and I have had many talks about what it means to stay & raise a family in Hoboken. The schools are changing and growing, and there is an incredible group of moms constantly pushing for more changes (more on that later). The growth and expansion of Hoboken just keeps making it better and better. To us, the quality of life outweighs the cost of living, and we can't wait to see what Hoboken has in store for us.