My Mom Brows

A while back I asked around for recommendations on where to go for my eyebrows. You see, while pregnant I had gotten my eyebrows waxed at one of the nail salons. It was a terrible job that left me with too thin and mismatched brows. And worse, my eyebrows aren't growing back the way they used to before pregnancy.

I got lots of recommendations... places in NYC, Short Hills, Livingston, Paramus and even Westchester. Um...what about HOBOKEN!? There has to be someone I started my search.

That is when I found Jennifer from JD Artistry. She is a make-up artist and eyebrow magician who can fix and shape the worst of the mom brows. Jenn is as beautiful and smart as she is nice and talented. She takes the time to look at you, your face, your skin tones and even your hair color to determine the best eyebrow look for you. She doesn't wax or thread which can pull out too many hairs that you actually need for the overall shape of your eyebrows. She uses her skills to fill in and shape your eyebrows one gentle pluck at a time, leaving you with the best eyebrows you have ever had.

That's not even the best part...she does this all in YOUR home! That's right, when I am ready for my monthly appointment, I just text or email Jenn and she comes to my apartment within the next 2 days.

It's too easy and she is too good...I almost want to keep her a secret. BUT I am not only telling you all about her, I am also getting you a discount! JD Artistry is a participant of the LH HookUp card for $15 off your in-home eyebrow shaping appointments.


PS- I have been using Grande Lash, a product to help my patchy brows grow in. Recommended by JD Artistry and LOVED by me! Click to purchase

Jennifer Dockendorf, JD Artistry

Little Hoboken HookUp Deal:

$15 Off In-Home Eyebrow Shaping

$20 Off In-Home Makeup Cleanse or Lesson

$25 Off In-Home Makeup Application

(excludes Bridal makeup)

This article was written in exchange for services with JD Artistry. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog. xo Cassie & Melissa