Expert Advice: Will My Kid Ever Sleep?! (Some words from a Sleep Consultant)

Photo Credit: The Sleep Mama

“This will pass soon. ”

“Maybe this is just a phase.”

"The app says its a growth spurt."

"The book says to keep rocking him."

"He's probably just teething."

"He's probably still teething."

"He remembers the pain of teething."

At some point, all parents question their child’s sleep. Here are a few common signs that it may be worth talking to a sleep professional.

The behavior has been going on longer than a month. There are so many factors that could contribute to your child having disrupted sleep (i.e Illness, teething, developmental milestones etc). These all play a part in why your child may not be sleeping, however if it’s been going on more than a month, chances are there’s something else at play.

Your health is being affected. What works for one parent may not work for another. Some of us can survive off of 5 hours of sleep, others of us need at least 7 straight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can severely impact our physical and emotional health and if this is happening, its time to seek help.

Your child’s health is being affected. While it is completely developmentally normal for younger children to wake up throughout the night, as a child gets older they sleep deprivation can affect their cognitive development, impair cognitive function, mimic ADHD, cause emotional issues, and many more problems.

You're Confused. Let's face it, if your child isn't sleeping that well then you probably don’t have time to read help books and you are probably getting lots of different advice from a million different people. There’s one thing that parents can always talk about and that’s lack of sleep! This can feel really overwhelming especially if you are surrounded by friends who all seemingly have great sleepers. There are a few different books that offer great help, but its hard to know what will work for you. A sleep consultant will tailor a plan just for you & your child.


Nicole Cannon, The Sleepy Mama, is a certified sleep consultant through the International Maternity Institute. Although she had previously done sleep work with families she nannied for, it wasn't until Nicole had her first child in 2013 that she was able to experience how difficult sleep deprivation can be on both children and parents. Now a mom of two, Nicole uses a variety of sleep techniques and methods with families to help everyone get more rest.

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