Still Paying Full Price in Hoboken? Let Us Fix That!

What is the Little Hoboken Hook Up?

The Little Hoboken Hook-Up is a key fob discount card that is good for the calendar year. It gets you exclusive deals and discounts ALL over town for only $20.00. It is for EVERYONE! It's not just for a mom or a dad or a student. If you live in Hoboken, spend time in Hoboken, like to drink wine, coffee, eat in restaurants, shop in local stores, get your hair cut and so much more, this card is for you!

How do I get a LH Hook Up?

Simple! Purchase online from us directly by using PayPal ( or Venmo (@littlehoboken). Just include your address in the notes and it will be mailed out the same or next day! Coming to one of our events? We ALWAYS have them on us to sell. Want to pay cash? Email and we can meet you for the sale. We also host many pop-up shops at our participating vendors' locations which allow you to purchase them onsite.

How do I find out who the participating vendors are?

Visit Little Hoboken Blog for a full list of vendors. We do not print these with the sale of the hook-ups because we are literally adding deals daily. You also can find many vendors with our logo sticker in their windows.

Who has been added this week?

This week alone, we have added:

*City of Saints

*Hugs & Bugs Club

*Work It Out

*Pinot's Palette

*The Brass Rail

*Panda Plates

*Giovanni D'Italia Shoe Repair

*Alba Boutique

Get yours today! All your friends already got theirs!