Painting Your Feelings: What is Art Therapy?

Photo Credit: Children's Art Therapy

Emotional Concerns. Social Skills. Acting Out. Defiance. Physical Disabilities. Behavioral Changes. Bullying. Anxiety. Peer Pressure. Dealing with Divorce, Death or Relocation.

Eating Disorders. Autism. ADD/ADHD. Learning Disabilities.

Despite the reason for attending art therapy sessions, all children can create art! Some children may be less comfortable than adults expressing themselves in words. Some children don’t have the right words to express their emotions yet, while others may be unable to access them. Art is a universal language, and art therapy is a unique and interactive way to work with children.

Art Therapists are trained at the Master’s level in both Art and Psychology and have special training to guide a child through the healing process of creative expression. Art Therapists can also be helpful in gaining insight to help guide children toward their own realizations and ability to understand and resolve the issue at hand.

Think your child might benefit? Join us! Children’s Art Therapy is beginning a July summer session and Little Hoboken followers will receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Everyone can create art!

There are no pre-requisites and no judgement,

just a room full of art materials and guided exploration.

Join Us, or Reach Out for More Information.

Jodi Goldberg, is a mom of 2 & Hoboken resident for over 15 years. She is a board certified & NY State licensed Art Therapist, working with children for over 10 years.

To learn more about Jodi, or to contact her for more information about Art Therapy, please visit her website: