LH Mom's Night Out: Bad Moms Movie Premier

We all saw the trailer for the movie, Bad Moms and HAD to see it. We all either saw ourselves in the characters or not-so-secretly wished we were those moms! Everyone wanted to get groups of moms together to see it, so we made it happen AND got you an LH EXCLUSIVE deal!

We have secured a private theater just for Little Hoboken moms. Plus, we have thrown a cocktail into the ticket price.

Meet us at Carpe Diem before the show for a drink (or two...or three!) and then head over to BowTie Cinemas for a private screening of the movie. BONUS: Carpe Diem offers 1/2 off wine bottles on Wednesdays!

AND as an added bonus, we are offering special pricing (50% OFF!) of the Little Hoboken Hook-Up Card to anyone that attends. See ticket pricing and information below. To purchase tickets, email

Can't wait to see you all there!