LH Mompreneur Spotlight: Stroller Power Fitness

The summer is finally here and it's time to shed the winter weight! Most of us can barely find the time to use the bathroom alone, let alone get a workout in. Thankfully, there are some amazing BYOB (bring your own baby) workout classes around town! Stroller Power Fitness (SPF) is one of those classes that not only makes you sweat, but also brings new moms together and helps create that much needed sense of community.

Sherri Satz, founder of SPF, is a local mom of 2 beautiful girls. A spin teacher, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, triathlete AND Ironman competitor, Sherri found herself looking for ways to work out after the birth of her first child. Stroller Power Fitness became her project, and now five years later she holds several classes a week in Hoboken & Jersey City locations.

SPF classes consist of cardio, strength training, resistance, core, and stretching with modified activities for moms of all levels. Most importantly, babies are always welcome!

We sent a new mommy of a 10 week old baby girl to try out SPF. She came back excited (and tired). Here is her recap:

This class was great! As a [very] new mom headed to class, I was concerned with my physical recovery and being able to participate fully during class. Sherri took the time to meet the first-timers to class so she could make modifications for us along the way. There were a lot of moms there, but the class is small enough that I felt I got great attention from Sherri during the class. She checked in on me often, which was great!

The class moved around the pier which allowed for much needed rest breaks and also kept the babies moving in the strollers. Sherri was aware of the shady spots and kept us moving around so the babies weren't in the sun too much. The weather outside was perfect and it felt so great to be in the fresh air. Sherri helped to keep the babies calm, pushing the strollers or giving a pacifier so we could all keep moving with the exercise.

And just was I was afraid of, my daughter decided to have a near meltdown towards the end of the class – it was getting close to her time to eat and I couldn’t really hold her off much longer. So, I nursed her through our cool down stretches. All of the moms in class were supportive and understanding, even sharing their veteran stories of challenges with babies which was a nice confidence booster when your baby is mid-meltdown.

I felt great during and after class. I was so happy to get back out and work out again! I will definitely return!

For more information on Stroller Power Fitness, or to contact Sherri, visit her website:

The class attended was complimentary so that we could review & write this aritcle. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog.

xo Cassie & Melissa