What I Love About Being A Dad...

We partnered with our friends at Hartshorn Portraiture to bring some beautiful families the opportunity to capture Daddy and Me moments. Cork Wine and Spirits provided mimosas, Bagels on the Hudson provided a bagel spread complete with rainbow mini bagels for the kids, and Sils Face Painting was there to entertain the little ones. We had a raffle for the dads with fabulous prizes like single malt scotch along with local gifts from Battaglia's Home, Oran Boutique, and Hoboken Man.

Each family was gifted a watercolor of their photo with their child from Hartshorn. We asked each father what he loved most about being a dad. The responses were heartfelt and just perfect!

Sebastian, Erik, & Adrian

"I love lots of things! Passing on knowledge and advice, seeing and hearing my boys learn, hearing them laugh, seeing the looks on their faces when a "realization" takes place, but most of all, I love the hugs!"

Trevor & Amelia

"Making my little girl smile!"

JJ & Eliza

"Our 'Dadurday' dates and her morning smiles!"

Jon & Jacob

"After a long week of work, I love being able to see my son laugh and get excited to spend time with me and my wife!"

Brennan & Madison

"I love coming home after a hard day of work and seeing her smiling face. Her smile is unconditional love"

Rudy & Alessandra

"Everything! I love the way she looks for me!"

Tim & Kane

"It's difficult to nail down to just one thing. It really is a combination of things like when he yells, "Daddy!" when i walk in the door after work with a huge smile on his face. When he's tired and just wants to snuggle on the couch with his cup and watch a show. When he starts dancing and smiling for no reason. What i guess it comes down to, is that it makes me happy seeing him grow bigger and smarter and seeing him excited just to be alive and near me every day."

Kelvin & Kaiteri

"I love how Kaiteri, my daughter, has opened up my heart and capacity to love. I was never into kids and had no interest in holding babies. But once I had my own, all I want to do is spend time with her and raise her with my wife"

Oscar & Sebastian

"Watching my son grow up and his smile every morning"

Damien & Alexandra

"When my daughter laughs and smiles when I get home from work"

Matt, Adam, & Zachary

"Simply put, I just love being a dad!"

Kumar & Deccan

"I love to come home and see "love" personified and angelic looking!!!"

Happy Father's Day from Little Hoboken xo