LH Mompreneur Spotlight: Little Nomad

You know the feeling you get when you see a genius new product and think, "Why didn't I think of that?!" Get ready for that feeling....

Little Nomad is the coolest and prettiest new baby gear product to hit the market and we have a sneak peek of it just for you. Little Nomad is a mama-created and owned company, putting the fashion back into the function.

We all know how important it is to have a safe play space for our little ones, but that safe space generally comes with big, bold (and often ugly) colors and designs that don't match our decor or personal style. Soft floormats are the biggest and baddest problems of them all. We need them, even if we don't like them. That's where Little Nomad comes in. Their specialty is beautifully illustrated printed play mats. Even better, they are made with the highest standards of materials, even passing the highest safety codes in Europe.

Genius right?

Little Nomad has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to earn the funds needed to put this brilliant idea into production. Elizabeth, the creator and owner of Little Nomad, is a loving mother and devoted wife who has put her own career goals on hold in order to travel the country while supporting her husband's career. After her child was born, Elizabeth realized that so many moms were buying other mats while wishing they fit with the decor of their home better. She realized she could create this, and even better, could work on this project and company no matter where her husband landed his next job. Luckily for us, her passion and drive kicked in, and Little Nomad was born. Now in Connecticut, but soon to be in NYC, Elizabeth is making moves and creating waves in the baby gear industry. She just needs a little help to make her dreams become a reality.

This business savvy momma is one to watch, and her company is one to support. Visit her website for more information and links to her Kickstarter campaign.