LH Friday Favorites

Throw Pillows @ Battaglia's Home

We loved these cute and local throw pillows spotted on a (gorgeous) couch at Battaglia's Home! If you haven't been here, you must go immediately and if you have, you should head back soon!

Avocado Toast @ Black Rail Coffee

We can't decide what we love more at Black Rail. Their lattes or avocado toast, but either way, this is a must-have for sure. Add the feta or salmon and you will not be disappointed!

Foil Prints @ Noellery

Among all the adorable items at Noellery, we found these fabulous little local prints for your home.

Tea Towels @ Hudson Paperie

Stop in for a gift for any occasion or just something to brighten your own home. How cute are these towels?!

Have a great weekend!! Hopefully, we will be seeing you at one of our events this weekend!