Newborn Must-Haves from Wee Babe

We all know Wee Babe...and if you don't, you definitely have to stop by! Wee Babe literally removes the need to travel out of Hoboken for any of your baby and kid needs, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and did you know they do registries and have online shopping??

In one of my recent shopping excursions there, (Cassie and I are regulars!) I had the opportunity to speak with the fabulous owners (and moms!), Beau and Selina. They are going to do a series with us and provide you with the must-haves for all ages that you can find right here in Hoboken!

Five Must-Haves for the First Three Weeks

1. Car Seat

For starters, you can't leave the hospital without one. Wee suggest an infant car seat because it makes transporting a sleeping baby much easier. For the Hoboken lifestyle, we highly recommend a seat with a secure European install (allows seat to be used without the base in a taxi/uber/second car).

The best options with secure European install are:

Cybex Aton

Cybex Cloud

Nuna Pipa

Peg Perego 4/35

2. Stroller

Hoboken is a walking town. Everyone needs some fresh air and sometimes there is nothing better than a stroll without having to carry your little one. Wee are big believers in strollers with bassinets or a lie flat seat option which allows the walks to last longer in the beginning because baby is in the most comfortable position--plus, the flat surface makes on-the-go diaper changes much easier.

3. Bottle

No one knows how baby or mom will feel when you finally get home. It is always handy to have a few bottles on hand to help through any feeding rough patches. Wee recommend the natural feel and easier grip of the Comotomo.

4. Nose Frida

It's gross, but once you need it and use it, you will be so thankful you have it!

5. Carrier

Sometimes baby just wants to be held, but you need your hands to do other things. Wee offer 2 solutions and are finding that most parents end up relying on both:

Baby K'tan

Beco Gemini

I know wee said 5, but really wee have 6......

6. Swaddle Blanket

You will find uses for these blankets that you never knew existed.....way beyond swaddling! Most people start with a 4-pack but then realize that four is just not enough.

Stay tuned for more "Must haves" for babies, toddlers, and beyond from Wee Babe and Happy Shopping!