It Takes a Village (or a Square Mile)

We started this blog to be the resource for all families in town to go to for information, advice, happenings, updates, and of course, REAL parenting stories. The response from all of you has been amazing! We are constantly approached with gratitude, praise, and content ideas. You are all telling us things you want to hear and we are doing our best to answer every request!

Here's the problem...there are only two of us. We are two moms with two kids under two. Our perspectives and experiences as moms are clearly limited. There are more moms with more ideas, more experiences, and more kids. So we want to hear about it. We want to hear your stories and share your knowledge.

We want to hear your funny stories, your struggles, your solutions, your frustrations and your accomplishments. We want to hear your unique story! Are you a single mom, soon-to-be mom, single dad, stay-at-home-dad, same sex couple, parent of multiples, parent with older kids, parent of teens, or anyone else in between? If so, WRITE!

Start writing and send it in. Don't be afraid of your writing style or writing skills. All posts go through our double editing process to be sure your content will be shared in the style of the blog.

Help us be the blog we know we can be- a blog for ALL moms and ALL families.

We can't wait to hear from you! Send your stories our way


Melissa and Cassie