10 Reasons Having a 7 Year Old Boy Kicks Ass

He's self-sufficient. He can dress himself in the worst possible clothing, complete with holes, grass stains, and unmatched outfits. Let's say this….he's creative.

He's honest. He'll flat out say he wants new parents. That's when I know it's time to up my game and take him for ice cream.

He's SO MUCH FUN! We Snapchat together. And, we act out the characters with accents and stories. Who else am I going to Snapchat with? I'm ancient!

He's helpful. I've really gotten to know the parents in the class after several emails being sent home due to the boys having "fights" on the playground. You never know who started it first.

He's active. I chase him while he's on his skateboard while screaming, "OMG! BE CAREFUL!!!!" That always keeps the body fit and the heartrate up.

He sleeps. Through the night. Like a champ (I'm smiling from ear to ear right now).

He's really good at video games. I think. Especially on Saturday mornings between the hours of 7-9am…but I don't typically see him play….we're sleeping in.

He is observant. If he sees me in the bathroom with tweezers plucking out out a gray hair, he'll say, "Mom, does that mean you going to die soon?" No. No. No. Absolutely not. I will just need hair dye soon.

He loves sleepovers. AND SO DO WE! It's every parent's dream. One night his friend stays here, and one night he stays there. Yep, we get a night off! *I do not recommend getting too excited about your night "OFF" and pulling an all-nighter. You're no longer 21. Just trust me.

He's HILARIOUS. He asks when he'll get a sibling…did I mention we have a puppy?

Having a 7 year old is the bomb diggity. I was so worried as he got older that I would miss the baby years. I thought I would miss holding him in my arms for hours on end, the feedings, and everything that goes with it. As wonderful as those years were, I ADORE these older years even more! It just keeps getting better and better. Seven years have FLOWN by. Every stage that passes has challenges and beauty. Don't forget to stop and take it all in. Make sure to laugh…don't take yourself so seriously. My motto? "If I can be the best mom I can be MOST of the time…I'm good to go."

Danielle Guenther is a local lifestyle photographer. When she's not photographing, she's either chasing her child on a skateboard while guzzling coffee, groovin' out to some good jams, or roaming around the streets of NYC whining about how she wants to move back. And if all else fails, she's probably at a wine bar.

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