What It Means To Be A Mother

We had the pleasure to meet with Diane Mileson to work on a special project for Mother's Day. Diane featured "Mommy and Me" moments for us in the form of a portrait. You can also follow Diane on Facebook. As most of us moms know, we have less photos of us with our children as we are always the ones behind the camera, so it's such a wonderful gift to have these treasures.

We thought it would be the perfect way to honor Mother's Day by asking each featured mama what her favorite thing about motherhood is.

Corinne (First Mother's Day!) and Jake

"My favorite thing about motherhood is seeing those gummy smiles and knowing I made this little person happy. I now know what the saying, 'warms my heart' means!"

Cassie and Eliza

"I love the bond. I love that I am the person she looks at and smiles when she learns something new. I love that our hugs mean more than just hello or goodbye. Our hugs mean "I need you" and "I've missed you". I love having the front row seat to to watching her develop into her own person. I love the way she has opened my heart in a way never knew was possible."

Karlene with Hudson and Niall

"There are so many things that make me feel loved by my boys, but carrying them for 9 months and feeling every move and kick builds such a bond. When they arrived I felt a massive relief, but then the overwhelming sense of protection towards them kicked in. I love being a mum and I feel so blessed to have been given this role to guide and teach them how to be gentlemen and strong individuals."

Melissa and Kane

"Every day is a crazy adventure with this beautiful little person that my husband and I created. Every new milestone gets better and better....first smiles, first giggles, first words, and my favorite....kisses and hugs for his mama! He drives me crazy and makes me laugh every minute of the day, but this amazing ride is worth every messy moment! "

Happy Mother's Day from Little Hoboken! You deserve the perfect day!