First Birthday Fun

Photo Cred: Janelle Brooke Photography

As we approach Eliza's 1st birthday, I find myself not only excited for the milestone, but also a little sad about it. Of course I am so excited that my child is growing and thriving, but I am also sad that my baby is no longer a baby.

This past year has been both the most difficult and most rewarding year of my life. It is the year that I have learned more about myself than any other time in my life. It's the year that has tested me and challenged me. It's the year that has stretched and filled my heart like never before. It is the year I got a new name... "Mommy".

This year has had some trying times...the first night we brought her home was basically a disaster. Breastfeeding was a battle. Teething has made both of us cry. Her first boo-boo made me scream for my own mommy. But I have loved every minute of it. I have loved every minute of watching her grow into this beautiful, smart and funny little girl. I have loved learning who she is, what makes her smile and what makes her laugh. I have loved watching her personality bloom. I have loved watching her bond with her daddy...the way she lights up when he walks into the room. I have loved watching our family dote on her and spoil her. I have loved it all.

While I am certainly excited about all the big milestones to come, I will always look back on the first year with a sense of nostalgia. The first year is the foundation of who we are as a family.

Ok, I am going to go dry my tears and keep planning this party. Stay tuned for lots of great information on our party vendors and all the details!