Tequila, Lime, Salt....Repeat!

This week in lieu of Wine Wednesday, we are bringing you a Cinco de Mayo inspired Margarita Wednesday!!

As an 18 year veteran of this town, I've had a lot of cocktails here. I've also served a lot of cocktails here during my bartending days.

I don't get out as often as I used to (not even close), but I can still recommend a GREAT margarita. With my love of Latin food, warm weather approaching (I hope), and of course, Cinco de Mayo, it seemed appropriate to share the best margaritas in town! And the best part is, every one of these places is kid-friendly, so you can pop your little one in a highchair and try these for yourself!

The Cuban

I love this restaurant and their menu. Their spicy margarita option is not for the weak, but if you love a good kick, you will definitely have more than one! The Avenida Washington is a delicious concoction made from silver tequila that they house-infuse with jalapeño, accompanied by lime juice, agave, triple sec and a splash of ruby red grapefruit.

Bin 14

I cannot express my love for this margarita enough. After Kane was born and I had my first mom's night out with my friends, I must have had four of can guess the rest! It's made with Casamigos Reposado, St. Germain (one of my favorite ingredients!), Mandarine Napolean, Agave, and Lime.

Elysian Cafe

Elysian also has a fantastic spicy margarita: the Jalapeño Mint Margarita. But I am here to discuss the El Camino. Created with Avion Añejo, El Bujo Mezcal, Pineapple, and St. Germain, it's not too sweet and definitely worth the stop!


Baja has an incredible tequila selection (100 options!) AND 32 flavors of margaritas to offer! Back in my single days, my roommate and I used to sit at the bar and go through tequila with their knowledgable team like it was our J.O.B. !! Their flavors range from standard strawberry to more inventive options like Butter Rum or Italian.

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