Weight Training (Down There!)

I am going to get really personal in this one. After having two amazing 8 lb boys via natural delivery, I did wonder what the state of my vaginal muscles would be left like. I had two concerns: Will I be wetting myself when I laugh, run or sneeze? And most importantly what will it feel like?

Through my training and studies as a fitness instructor, I knew the importance of Kegel exercises. These exercises, named after Dr. Kegel, increase the strength of the muscles attached to the pelvic bone. These muscles hold in your pelvic organs and, among other things, commonly function to stop and start the flow of urine. Most importantly, strong Kegel muscles can assist during child birth.

Strengthening the Kegel muscles works to prevent incontinence, preventing pelvic floor prolapse after childbirth, and improving sexual responses. However, the traditional Kegel exercises are pretty boring and and sometimes aren't enough. So the athlete and the competitor in me decided to look for the next level workout for my vagina. My search brought me to Kegel exercise weights. These are weights that are inserted into the vagina, requiring you to use your Kegel muscles to keep them there. The program starts with a small weight (1oz) and progresses you to heavier weights (up to 3.5oz). These are used twice daily, for a max of 15 minutes.

If you decide to try these out, here are some helpful tips:

1. Empty your bladder beforehand

2. Make sure the string is at the bottom before insertion

3. Use weights whilst standing up- Sitting is cheating!

4. Start slowly and on the lowest weight

5. Do this in private, partners can sometimes find this distracting whilst watching soccer.

6. Don’t over train, no more than 15 minutes two times a day.

7. Do not share your weights, errrgh, some people want to borrow everything this is not to lend out!

8. Clean your weights after each use.

9. Muscle maintenance after can be achieved by 3-5 sessions per week once you have progressed to your final top weight.

10. If all else fails, go back to good old Kegals. Make it a little game: Tighten those pelvic floor muscles every time someone calls ‘Mommy’ !! (That might be classed as overtraining!)

You can check out the Kegel exercise weights on Amazon here. If you decide to give it try, we'd love to hear from you!

P.S.- there is an amazing woman, named Kim Anami, who lifts all sorts of things with her Kegel muscles! Check her out on Instagram

Karlene is a super busy working mom with two high energy boys. A British Ex Pat living in Hoboken with a love for fitness and organizing events. She is an ACE certified personal trainer with a BSc in Sports Science specializing in Pre and Post Natal training.