A Night Out with Give Peas A Chance

Last night I stopped by Hudson Table to join Nicole from Give Peas A Chance. Her class, Undercover Vegetables, is all about healthy recipes that help to get your toddler eating more vegetables. Most of the moms in the class had concerns about their "picky eater," so I was there to answer questions and talk about how to know if you need more help.

Here is one great question that came up!

Q: We have to chase our daughter around giving her one bite at a time. We read books, watch TV and do whatever we can to distract her so we can get her to eat. Is this a problem?

A: It is not a problem if this method is working for you & your child. If she is getting the nutrition she needs and you are ok with what you have to do in order to feed her, then keep it going. If both you and your daughter are completely stressed out and exhausted after each meal, then it's a problem. Mealtimes should be fun and not something you dread each day.

Stay tuned for more collaboration between Little Hoboken & Give Peas a Chance!

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