They Like Me! Here's My Side of the Story

I am so thrilled to become one part of the threesome that is Little Hoboken. When the girls first posted on our local FB site that they were starting the blog, I immediately wanted to be involved. Similar to their account of the story, I also went into our initial meeting with little expectations. The three of us hit it off right away and by the end of our short coffee date I didn’t just want to work with them, I wanted to hang out with them more! I loved these girls and I loved the dynamic of the three of us together. Over the next few weeks, both the blog and our friendship grew, and I am so excited about both.

Now as a partner, I am thrilled and excited about my new role with LH. I will continue to write personal stories and informational articles, but I will also work hard to bring you some of the best deals around town. I have lived in many places around the country, but I am a true Jersey girl and love supporting the local businesses and people that make this a place we can call home. More importantly, I love meeting new people and especially love meeting other moms. I love having honest and raw conversations with other moms about the painful joy that is motherhood. LH is the perfect way to bring it all together.

I am in awe of the support we have already received from the community and I am bursting with excitement at the things we can do together.



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