Dressing my Little Man

I love fashion. You may not know it if you see me running around town after my toddler, but that's just practicality on my part. He's a filthy little boy that would just ruin anything good, so lesson learned! Nevertheless, I love fashion. I love shopping for myself, but not nearly as much as I love shopping for him. The day we found out that Kane was going to be a boy, I tore out to go make "one little purchase". I was so nervous when I came back that afternoon with bags and bags of stuff, but Tim also loves shopping and fashion, so he was into it. It's not hard to find cute things for boys, but it's hard to find cute things for boys that we like. I have very specific likes and dislikes for kids' clothes. First, I hate clothes with characters. I know it's inevitable that at some point, I will be forced to buy him something with Spiderman on it at his request, but I'm holding on for dear life to avoid it and then, will likely try to negotiate that item being pajamas. Second, I'm not a fan of animals on clothes. Again, just pajamas. I feel like animals doing human tasks remind me of clothes I would have had in the 70's and 80's (yes, I said 70's). My son will not wear an ensemble featuring a bear driving a dump truck!

My husband also wanted him to look like his mini me. Not just physically, because, he totally does, but when we go places and their outfits coordinate.

If you know where to go, you can find great options for boys that can be for every day use, not just for holidays and photo shoots. Being a Hoboken resident for 18 years, I miss the days of Bellie Katrina, Ciao Belly, KC Kids and Wee Beasties and really wish someone would open a great clothing boutique here for kids. Until they do, here's where I hunt!

1. H&M and Zara Kids are great finds for trendy, inexpensive pieces. If your child is an insane giant like mine, I find Zara's pants fit really well in terms of length for my son. Our biggest challenge is finding him pants that are long enough but not too wide and Zara always comes through. I shop both of these locations online because, in my opinion, their selection is way better than in-store. I've also found some adorable shoes at both!

2. If you like your child to be a little edgier, I shop this online shop: Two Little Kings They have unique items for both boys and girls. Fun items like little slouchy beanies, harem-style joggers, and adorable screen tees. I folllow them on Instagram also and they constantly offer deals and giveaways.

3. Totspot is one of my favorite apps I ever discovered. It's basically ThredUp for babies and kids. They recently added adults, but that's neither here nor there. You can buy and sell on here and create a profile of your child's sizes as well as search by hundreds of brands. I've sold a LOT on here and it's easy to do. You even get the shipping label provided to you, so they couldn't possibly make it easier unless they folded the item for you and put it in the mail. I have purchased Kane a lot of items that people are selling that were never even worn and still have tags. We all have those items sitting around that we never got a chance to outfit our child in based on the wrong season or just too many clothes in that size. Moms are selling it and I'm talking Burberry and Diesel! I got him brand new Pumas in a box on there for $20! Check it out! If you want, use my code (FTTPNA) and we both get credit in our accounts!

4. Urban Baby Runway is amazing if you and your kid are a little bit hipster. My son had a "Hey Girl" tee shirt that got so much attention that we found here! They have a lot of small, cool brands like Prefresh, Nununu, and Thief and Bandit, so it's definitely worth you checking it out!

5. While we are on the topic of online shopping, I highly recommend checking out online outlets for stores like Nordstrom and Saks. Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth always have great kids buys for every day, special occasions and gifts. It's like going to the outlets without the headache and you don't have to wear a bra!! If you feel like taking a drive, check out the Bergen Town Center also. They are all outlets including the major department stores, a beautiful Century 21, and many others. There's also an awesome wine shop in the Whole Foods there...just saying!

6. I did a little mom board research to see where you are all shopping that I may have missed or haven't gotten to yet and some other suggestion were:

Next Direct



Cotton On

Pumpkin Patch

Last, I couldn't write this post without mentioning Target. You can often find great little man pieces here for cheap. I've found shawl collar sweaters with elbow patches for $10. Same with scouring the racks of TJ Maxx and Marshall's whenever I get a chance. I've found my son Hudson and Seven jeans at both for $12-$20 a pair. The best ones to find deals like this are the ones in small, suburban towns. I always check when I visit my parents!

Happy Shopping!