Melissa's Friday Favorites

Sometimes our Friday Favorites will have a theme and other times, they will just be random things we love that particular week. Mine happens to be completely random, but all things I highly recommend checking out!

Vanilla Latte @ Bwѐ Kafe

I love this latte iced or hot. It's my favorite one in town. This week alone, I had three. Aside from that, the staff is great, the lines move fast, the place is adorable, and they have delicious treats for both me and my toddler. Definitely head on over this weekend for your caffeine

Gluten-Free Yogurt Parfait from Om Sweet Home

I cannot say enough about how much I love this parfait. Truth be told, I like everything I've ever had from Om Sweet Home. The helpful part is that they are sold all over town (including Bwѐ Cafe where I was all week for lattes anyway). The granola is gluten-free and delicious with almonds and cranberries, the yogurt is creamy and the apples are sweet and cinnamon-y.Kane also enjoyed this treat with me for breakfast!

Beach Wave Blowout @ Up and Out

I love a good blowout and I love this salon. I started going there when they first opened on Bloomfield and can't wait to go to the newest location on Washington! They place is cute, they give you mimosas or coffee in the mornings, they are quick, your hair smells awesome from the Morrocan Oil products and the blowouts last for the whole week! The staff always gives you what you ask for and they are all so cute and sweet! Michelle taught me all about boy bands on one of my last visits!

Poke a Dot Books @ Wee Babe

I love Wee Babe. I think it's a great addition to the town and my husband thinks I give them all of our money. (I kind of do, but whatever!) So, in a recent visit, my son kept pointing to one of their Poke a Dot books and declaring he needed the "optopu." I investigated and found these adorable counting books in various themes which were fun and tactile. These really keep his attention and help him find his place when he is counting or just occupying himself. Plus, the under the sea version was perfect for his aquatic themed nursery.

Be sure to check some of my favorites out this weekend! If you have a local favorite you think we should feature, email it to us at