Little Baby Bum A.K.A Baby Magic!

When Kane was 13 months old, we visited friends of ours with a 16 month old boy. This child could count, knew his letters, shapes, colors, and animal sounds. Kane was busy climbing on things and eating crayons. I asked the couple, in amazement, if this was all from daycare which was not something Kane was attending. They said some, and some from them, but the husband credited these magic videos on YouTube.

Before Kane was born, my husband and I had declared that our child would barely ever watch TV. That was until we realized that one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bought me time to wash the dishes or toss a load of laundry in without him as an appendage. As their child identified the letter "h" on the block and ours ate the block next to it, we questioned if he had bumped his head one too many times......we had to try these! Now, I should note that I've never compared him developmentally to his peers or what he "should" be doing when the book said. I didn't read baby books, articles, or those mom website weekly updates. I trusted my pediatrician and asked my friends a lot of questions, but mostly just let him do his thing and he always got there...generally early as a matter of fact. We popped these videos on our TV and magic took place immediately. First, he froze and stopped assaulting the dog or trying to scale the dining room table. He danced, laughed, clapped and sat nicely in his chair while he watched AND learned. Now, my son is 16 months old and he counts to three, he knows some shapes, he knows all his body parts, and every animal sound.....even a wolf and elephant! I've referred these videos to friends and all the results are the same. My husband said it's the fifth most viewed YouTube channel and it must be parents trying to get dinner cooked, pick up toys, to complete a meal in a restaurant! If you haven't seen these, check them out immediately!!!!