Three Is Better Than Two...Little Hoboken Has Exciting News!!

When Sylvia and I first launched Little Hoboken, our first email was from a local Speech-Language Pathologist that wanted to meet. We didn't know what to expect and tried to go into the meeting prepared for ideas of a collaboration. Should we ask her to maybe write something about sippy cups since moms always seemed to ask that on Facebook? (She did, by the way...if you missed it, see it here.) WHat about tongue ties? Truthfully, we weren't a hundred percent sure what an SLP did, but we'd meet her. Cassie was adorable and bubbly and we all seemed to hit it off right away, but she didn't want to just collaborate or promote her practice, she wanted to join us. She loved what we were doing, planning on doing, was super excited about it (almost as much as we were!), and she wanted to be a part of it! Although we loved her enthusiasm, we had no idea who she was, if she could write, if she had the same views as us, or if everything she wanted to do would be super clinical. So, we said we'd start with her as a contributor. She started cranking out content faster than we could read it, she was overflowing with great ideas, sharing everything on her personal social media, and was getting record views and feedback for what she was producing. Couple this with the fact that she was awesome and certainly the third Musketeer our little duo was missing, we HAD to change our gameplan!

That said, we are SO excited to welcome Cassie as the third partner of our little blog and can't wait for you all to see all the fun stuff we have coming up! You're also DEFINITELY likely to see this little trio getting into mischief on mom's nights out, at the park with our wild boys and her adorable little lady, or possibly as a triple date night group!