Hitting the Barre......Local Barre, That Is!

We had the pleasure of taking Open Barre at Local Barre West this morning. It was her first visit, my first visit in a few years, and both of our kids' first visit to Monkey Barre (their childcare).

I had gone regularly to the Downtown location (7 days a week!) when I was getting married, but that was quite a while ago, so I was basically a newbie!

The studio space is beautiful, the amenities are great, our boys loved their playtime, and our class was awesome....Amber kicked our butts!

There are some great options for different types of workouts and they really cater to your level of experience, so it is NOT an intimidating experience at all! A great offering that they have for us moms is Monkey Barre and BYOB(aby). For kids under 6 months, you can take a BYOB class and just bring along your little one with a blanket to lounge on or in their carrier. For kids 6 months and older, there are Monkey Barre childcare options at the Uptown and West locations where they can play and be supervised while you have some "me" time!

A new option that we were informed about which really piqued our interest is their new Ladies' Choice classes. For those of us that just can't make the current schedule work, Local Barre wants to accommodate us! Basically, you just need a group of 12 ladies minimum and they will create a 6 week class in that timeslot just for your group at any of the three locations that is convenient for YOUR group! Plus, you end up with a discounted's a win-win!

As a real added bonus, anyone who wants to purchase a Six-Pack and mentions Little Hoboken, will receive $20 off the package!

More information on pricing, classes, and schedules can be found here.

This article was written in exchange for services at Local Barre. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog. xo Cassie & Melissa