Crafting for "Eastover", Easy DIY's

Written by Melissa Wise

I am in an interfaith marriage. I was raised Jewish and my husband was raised Christian. Neither of us are religious, but we celebrate major holidays, tradition, and love themes, good times with family, food and wine! Last year, with Easter and Passover coinciding, my husband coined it, "Eastover". Now, I don't think he made that up, but it's what it's called in our house now, just like Christmakah happens here in December. So, we basically just added a Passover element to his Easter basket last year which was a Passover book from Amazon and a My First Passover bib. This year, I found him a Seder Plate wooden puzzle at Party City that he will get for his Eastover gift.

There aren't a lot of options for a Passover craft, so I had to really think this one through as far as what made sense with a 16 month old. We made Elijah's cup to bring to our Seder. I bought 10 Plague stickers at Party City and some little bumble bee and paw print ones to add to the plagues from Michael's and....voila!

Then, it was time for the Easter part of our day. I prepared a fun Easter snack for the kids. A toddler buffet, if you will, complete with baby carrots, Annie's fruit bunnies, Earth's Best crackers, blueberries,yogurt covered raisins, honeydew and cheese cut with a bunny tail cookie cutter, and Sprout Organic quinoa puffs and just popped those in an empty egg carton! We also had some delicious lemonade with fresh blueberries....feel free to spike it!

Next came the dye or not to dye? I have a one year old, so I chose the latter. I did find these fantastic Crayola eggs at CVS which come with crayons and the kids can just color. We added some stickers and they could just do whatever they wanted with a minimal mess.

Last, we wanted a keepsake art project. This could be for your wall, for a grandparent, or even to make a card out of. I bought Crayola's two pack of canvases at Michael's in lieu of paper in order to keep them as mementos. The kids used yellow fingerpaint to make handprint chicks. We found that brushing it on their hands with a paintbrush, was not only neater, but also sensory and made them laugh too. The finished product was pretty darn cute too (they are not baby geniuses, we added the details!)

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