Satisfying My Picky Toddler's Palate

Written by Melissa Wise

I remember taking Kane to his 12 month check-up and the doctor telling me that I should be prepared for my amazing, excellent eater to start getting picky. I left that appointment completely arrogant and laughing at the doctor because MY child ate everything....eggs, all meat, seafood, all vegetables.....put it in front of him and he ate it. Until, he didn't.

I found myself desperately trolling aisles of the grocery store for things he MAY eat to avoid him only eating bananas all day and started buying all the things I swore I'd never feed my baby like chicken nuggets (if they're organic, they're ok, right?) and Goldfish (but, they're whole grain) and just getting frustrated and wasting money constantly.

I found these little frozen Plum Organics meatballs at Target in Jersey City and he devoured them. Couldn't get enough and they seemed better as an option to get veggies in him instead of me hiding carrot puree in macaroni and cheese. The issue was, I was spending $5 a bag for 10-12 of them and that was 2 sittings for him.


I sat down with the bag and read the ingredients and thought, "I can make these!" So, off I went to get my ingredients and just add them together to taste. I was able to get 40 meatballs out of one batch that he loved, my husband and I loved and even the dog loved!


One package lean ground turkey (substitute with chicken or beef if you prefer)

Steamed frozen cauliflower, diced

Half a can of tomato paste

One egg

Olive oil


1 cup cooked quinoa

Panko breadcrumbs


Garlic powder

Black pepper


Onion powder

Combine to taste and roll into small meatballs. I sprayed my baking dishes with olive oil and baked them at 400 for about 30 minutes.

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