A Day in the Life....Documenting Crazy!

Written by Melissa Wise

After seeing her realistic "lifestyle" way of telling a story via images, we wanted to meet with Nadia Mian to figure out a way to work together. During our first meeting, we had our crazy kids with us and we all quickly realized just how we'd collaborate with one another. Maybe it was each of us stopping to shove pieces of delicious muffins in their mouths to make sure they ate something that morning or maybe it was me dragging Kane back to the couch by his ankles upside down that sparked it. Whatever it was, it was going to work. Nadia was going to shoot us in our element.....trying to drink a latte while it was hot, work on our blog and upcoming posts and events, and make sure our kids stayed alive in the process! We chose our favorite pow wow site, Choc o Pain in the hopes that the toys would distract the kids.......not so much as you'll see!

Nadia was amazing. Just shot around us as though she wasn't even there. We wanted to document our real life to use these pics for our blog as a true representation of who we are. Yes, we are trying to run a business here, but we are also moms of energetic little boys and we don't get all dressed up every day and we re-heat our coffees 20 times in the microwave just like you!

It's not all blow outs, lip gloss, and pretty crafting all day. In fact, our kids ate pastries that morning from Choc o Pain. Mother of the year? No, but sometimes you have to do what works! Usually, we cut our meetings short and finish them via text because someone's kid melted down!

We loved the style that Nadia portrayed in her portfolio. That true lifestyle feel. Whether it was for family shoots, headshots, or newborn shots, she really captures the essence of who she is shooting and just like with us, she wants to chat with you prior to your shoot to make sure she "gets" who you are and what you are about also.

I asked her some questions to get to know her and her process a little better and also to share who she is with all of you.

How long have you been interested in photography and how did you get your start?

My father was a photographer, so I've grown up with a camera in my face. I've always been interested in the craft, and learned a lot from my dad. But it wasn't until we moved to Germany a couple of years ago that I really started to study light, composition, perspective etc. I became obsessed with trying to learn everything I could and took courses and just kept practicing.

What inspires you?

Honestly, everyday moments inspire me. Watching my daughter play with her toys, going to the park, even my mother's hands as she kneads dough. I think of the things I want to remember when they're gone, and it's the things we do everyday that I love capturing.

What are your favorite things or events to shoot?

My family is definitely number one, but I also really love interacting and meeting people through my work, so photographing other people is really fun. I also love shooting landscapes, travel, food, and architecture/street scenes.

What would be your dream shoot?

I always wanted to work for National Geographic, traveling the world, photographing people and different places. I'm actually working with New Jersey Family Magazine as a photographer, so I'm excited about doing something similar, but locally.

What is your favorite thing about Hoboken?

I love the walkability! I'm actually an urban planner by trade, and being able to walk everywhere, and enjoy all the amenities the city has to offer makes this a wonderful place to live. A great way to spend the afternoon is to take a walk along the waterfront, grab a cupcake from Sweet, a coffee from Empire, and shop on Washington

To learn more about Nadia and her beautiful work, you can visit her site here.

By mentioning "Little Hoboken", Nadia will offer you 10% off a regular priced session along with an 8x10 gallery wrapped canvas. Hurry up and book your Spring family sessions, newborn pics, head shots, maternity images or anything else you want to document!!

This article was written in exchange for services. We thank our readers for helping us to support our local businesses so that we may support our work here on the blog. xo Cassie & Melissa

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