Parenting Advice I Wish I Had Gotten (The Good Unsolicited Kind)

Written by Cassie Mascari

Sleep when they sleep. Shower when they sleep. Don’t use a pacifier. You should use a pacifier. You have to breastfeed. You should try formula. Have you tried rocking her to sleep? Don’t rock her too much, you’ll spoil her.

Becoming a new parent is like a right of passage into the world of unsolicited (and often unhelpful) advice. Here’s a list of things I WISH someone had actually told me:

Start a shared photo stream. This way you can frequently share pictures with your friends and family without having to put everything on social media.

Pee before you tend to your crying baby. You never know how long you’ll have to stay frozen in that one position that makes the baby happy.

You wont really put shoes on a newborn. Just buy 1 pair of expensive trendy crib shoes.

Buy one-piece jumpers that zip. You will be silently cursing whoever invited snaps & buttons by week 3

Don’t overthink the sleep situation. I have never met a high school or college-aged kid who needed to be swaddled or rocked to sleep. So, no matter what you do to help your child sleep, they will not need that “sleep crutch” forever.

Choose music on an iPad or iPod for your child to fall asleep to. This makes it much easier to take along your child’s favorite sleep sounds while traveling. The sound machines are difficult to pack into your suitcase…(i’ve tried)

Invest in the bigger, wider, taller-back rocking chair with plush cushioning. You will thank me at 3am. (BONUS for a reclining rocker)

Find a mom friend with a child the same age as yours. Its so nice to go through the same thing at the same time with someone else and they will be your lifeline in many situations.

You will have at least one encounter with an “are you sure you want to do it that way” mom. Beware, she will catch you off guard. She will make you question your own judgement and then get mad at yourself for not recognizing her true intention earlier. You will be better for this encounter. You will become more confident because of it….but it will sting.

You will have an emotional moment about your mom. Good or bad, being a mom will make you think about your own.

Have any advice of your own? Send them my way & I’ll post an updated list another time!

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