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We are two local mommies who quickly realized that motherhood is much harder than we thought it would be! Who knew?! So, like many other moms, we hit the internet looking for all the answers. We found lots of information from experts around the country, product reviews from bloggers in other cities, and events in town that were all for the kid-free crowd. We thought it was time there was a resource all for moms in Hoboken, created by moms in Hoboken, with advice from experts in Hoboken, and reviews about products that work for life in Hoboken. And, of course, events that are for moms & families in Hoboken! (can you tell we love Hoboken?)

When you can't find what you're looking for, you have to create it. So we did, and Little Hoboken was born! Over the years, what started as a little labor of love, has turned into a community-driven parenting resource that has something for everyone. We love when moms help us review classes or services, write articles, join us at our mom's nights out, or bring their families to our big events. We love the passion and sense of community that is so alive among Hoboken mommies. We love meeting new moms in town and sharing our love for raising our kids in the mile square. 

So, follow Little Hoboken as we explore our community

and bring you along for the ride!



Cassie & Melissa

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I am a Jersey wife living the city life with my husband JJ, daughter Eliza, son Leo, and yorkie Ruby. I love my kids (duh!) but also love a good girls night out! I love a good glass of wine and a fancy dinner, but can usually be found drinking coffee and wearing yoga pants. The Jersey shore is my happy place, but you'll never find me in the ocean. Give me all the chlorine, baby! I've moved to suburbia and back to city living, and Hoboken has captured my heart. #neverleaving

I have been a speech-language pathologist for over 10 years specializing in feeding, early speech & language development, social skills, and behavior. While I no longer take on private clients, I am always happy to give out some free advice- just ask! 

Since starting LH, I have found a new hobby-turned passion-turned- side gig with photography & and can be found snapping away for Little Hoboken Photography.

25 things about Cassie

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I have lived in Hoboken (or the surrounding area) for over 20 years and have seen it all here! From my single bar-hopping days, to my mommy playground-hopping days, my life in Hoboken has always been fun. My husband Tim and I, have made a family with our crazy shorkies, Chaos and Hulk and our wild, but hilarious son, Kane.

I love nights out with my husband and our friends and have recently been eating and drinking our way through all the restaurants in Jersey City where we now reside since 2019. There is nothing I love to do more than see live music. Give me a concert or acoustic guitarist any day in ALL genres of music over ANYTHING else!  When not at a concert or singing off-key to music anywhere else, I can generally be found double-fisting a simultaneous coffee and glass of tequila while parenting with a sarcastic and humorous attitude.  

You will always catch me with a book either on Audible, my Alexa speaker at home, or the old-fashioned way and spearheading our monthly Book Club meet-ups! (Join us at the next one!)

With my background in fashion, sales, events, catering, and celebrity wedding planning, I love throwing a good party and LH events have become my thing....but, not as much as I love shopping for and curating our store!

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